Monday, August 13, 2012

You people just don't get it.

8/12/2012 11:33 PM PDT

The solution to our domestic economic problems, unemployment, the budget deficit and the national debt is to get rid of those who are unproductive and don't contribute to the economy or, even worse, are parasitical.

We can make an important step in the right direction by limiting health care for the poor to what they can pay for and eliminating "free" care for the indigent, which isn't really free; if government doesn't pay, then the hospitals and doctors must swallow the costs.  Some of the "do-gooder" laws applied to hospital emergency departments need to be reexamined rationally.

Another important element of the process, already achieving great success across the country, is getting rid of labor unions so the workers can no longer dictate unreasonable drains on corporate profits. The "at will" employment model, that has been replacing trade unions, has been a great boost to employee flexibility in working hours, availability for work on holidays and general workplace conditions; along with those positives, both payroll costs and benefit package costs have improved following union decertification at most enterprises.

Experience has shown that most workers don't save enough for their retirement needs, that is due to lack of self-discipline in most cases; the democrat's Socialist Security program along with its attendant medical and prescription programs are not in accord with the spirit of The Constitution of The United States and need to be privatized or abolished.

We believe that limiting unemployment compensation amounts and duration is essential in putting people back to work sooner, other than those rightfully terminated for disciplinary reasons or unsafe work habits, and thereby helps to limit the unemployment rate.  A certain base amount, 7% to 9%, of unemployment is actually good for business in a way, employees have less truancy and are more cooperative and more productive when they know there'll be a hundred applicants for their job if they're let go.

Further, it is obvious that a need for unemployment compensation is just another symptom of workers being irresponsible by failing to save enough for their needs, why should the past employers be forced to pay a person whom they no longer employ?

Replacing the disastrous federal government Social Security swindle with mandated savings placed in private institutions, such as banks, insurance companies and capital management firms would insure that old people who earned enough would be able to enjoy a comfortable retirement, rather than the misery many old people now endure due to the current socialist model.

People who feel they don't have enough money to meet their current debt, but aren't working, need to stop whining and asking for handouts, instead they should pick a corner of their property and start growing food. That way they can maintain their independence and hold their head up in public. Our pioneer forefathers (and foremothers) who homesteaded this great land on free, or nearly free, 160 acre farms wrested from the savages didn't ask for a handout, they would just be self-reliant and go out and shoot a buffalo or a couple of antelopes, maybe raid an Indian's cornfield, and have a barbecue, and that's the way it should be.

If Obama is reelected, you won't be able to do that any more, he has sworn to confiscate your guns and require you to have a license to hunt game animals and to get the property owner's permission, too. That's what socialism does to a free people, takes their guns and makes them into weak, timid slaves who have to ask for permission.

In reality it's all very simple, quit taxing business to death, stop onerous government regulation of private enterprise and stop the free bread and the free circuses so the masses quit lying around and go to work to support themselves.         
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The above statement was not written by Romney,
it is our concept of his & the republicans' position.
It was rephrased and enlarged from the
Original post by Shanti2:
"You don't get it. The solution to all economic problems, unemployment, the deficit and the national debt is to get rid of those who are unproductive and can't make money for the capitalists. We can do this by eliminating health care for the poor so they will die sooner, getting rid of unions so the workers can't stand in the way of profits, and cutting Social Security so old people will be so miserable they won't want to hang around and be a burden to the rich people who earned their money and should be able to keep it. Very simple, but not very civilized."