Friday, March 21, 2008

FBI: Who is this man?


10:50 PM PDT on Thursday, March 20, 2008

SEATTLE – Who is he and what is he up to? Those are questions that federal agents in Seattle are asking after they arrested a man who has lived under assumed names for at least twenty years.

He's used names like Robert Lowe, William Gee and Dwayne Spill, but to FBI and Social Security agents, he is known only as John Doe.

"We determined he was using several identities and to this point we still don't know who he is," said Steven Dean, Assistant Agent-in-Charge, FBI.

Dean says it's rare that law enforcement's vast network of fingerprints and computer files fails to identify a suspect.

John Doe has lived under assumed names in a tiny, unkempt apartment on Lower Queen Anne for 5 years.

Agents arrested him a week ago at Postal Express Delivery, where he has worked as driver named Bob Lowe for several years.

But after months of investigation, agents still don't know who this man is.

Agents say John Doe aroused suspicions in Vancouver last year when he requested a copy of a birth certificate claiming to be someone who was actually deceased.

Agents traced his trail of aliases to Seattle where he is still wanted on a 1998 warrant, and they have also linked him to criminal convictions and rap sheets under assumed names in other states.

To make things even more bizarre, John Doe isn't your usual identity thief who's after money.

"A typical ID thief is using stolen identities to commit fraud, to take as much money as they can," said Dean.

But he doesn't do that. Read more here.

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