Sunday, April 20, 2008

An afterword concerning the Hitler post

In the last post I recounted a brief history of the life of
Adolph Hitler up to his usurpation of absolute power
over Germany on 23 March 1933. I offered a pretty
spare account of the events with only a little bit of
personal opinion included. What I did not recount, due
to time constraints, was the savagery, treachery and
violence involved in the takeover of the German
Workers Party nor the treachery, savagery and
violence involved in maneuvering himself into the
position of power that he achieved. I felt that his
savage penchant for murdering people whom he felt
were either obstacles to his purpose or whom he
considered as being useless to his purpose was well
attested in history and could safely be left unstated.

In that belief, I might have erred.

It has been pointed out to me that internet posts are
available to be read by people who might lack suf-
ficient background in the history of WWII and/or
information, concerning the almost unbelievable
lack of humanity or decency which characterised
the Nazi regime and its creators, to realize that Hitler
and the Nazis were elected and he then was selected
not on merit but due to wholesale calculated decep-
tion purveyed consistently over a span of years to a
population in severe distress due to the incompre-
hensible loss of their national institutions and live-
lihoods coupled with a campaign of terror carried
out in riot and brutal attacks against hapless victims
as well as others of their own ilk who opposed their

In short: he was a nasty piece of work and his Nazi
cohorts were, in the main, not much better.

Maltese Frog 04-20-2008

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