Saturday, May 31, 2008

Rare uncontacted Amazon tribe photographed

This is just a quick update: MSNBC has a short slide-show of images Here

And a more in depth article(excerpt starts on next line) Here
While "uncontacted" Indians often respond violently to contact — Meirelles caught an arrow in the face from some of the same Indians in 2004 — the greater threat is to the Indians.

"First contact is often completely catastrophic for "uncontacted" tribes. It's not unusual for 50 percent of the tribe to die in months after first contact," said Miriam Ross, a campaigner with the Indian rights group Survival International. "They don't generally have immunity to diseases common to outside society. Colds and flu that aren't usually fatal to us can completely wipe them out."

Survival International estimates about 100 tribes worldwide have chosen to avoid contact, but said the only truly uncontacted tribe is the Sentinelese, who live on North Sentinel island off the coast of India and shoot arrows at anyone who comes near.

Maltese Frog's note: The Sentinelese would be: the only known truly uncontacted tribe... It's still a big world with a lot of "trackless" wilderness.

Images show Indians painted bright red,
brandishing bows and arrows

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