Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Roaming Packs Of Coyotes Killing Marina Pets

POSTED: 7:01 am PDT June 17, 2008

MARINA, Calif. -- Packs of coyotes are brazenly roaming Marina neighborhoods, killing cats and attacking dogs in the Monterey County coastal community, authorities warned Tuesday.

Marina police say two dogs have been attacked by coyotes in the two weeks while out on late morning and midday walks with their owners.

Del Rey Oaks resident Brad Alexander says coyotes running through his neighborhood have killed nearly a dozen cats, including his.

"We are seeing the coyotes running down the street at night chasing cats as early as 8 p.m." said Alexander told the Monterey Peninsula Herald. "Some people are getting scared. It's getting out of control."

Marina police issued a coyote warning Friday after a coyote was seen stalking a dog and its owner in Hayes Park.

According to police, the first attack happened about noon on June 7 on a trail near Inter-Garrison Road and Schoonover Park and involved three coyotes. The other involved a pack of four and happened about 10:30 a.m. Wednesday near 3rd and 12th streets.

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