Sunday, July 20, 2008

World War II bomb removed

First published: 18 Jul 2008, 11:16

When Bjørn Pettersen from Kjeller, 20 kilometres northeast of Oslo, found a bomb in his garden Thursday evening, police evacuated the neighbourhood. Traffic had to be redirected and those who were moved out of their homes were housed for the night at a local indoor sports arena.

Military explosive experts were called to remove the bomb safely. After having been placed in a reinforced bell-shaped container filled with sand and water, it was put on a truck and taken away.

"The actual risk involved may not have been very great, but we weren’t taking any chances," says Tom Danielson, spokesman for the Romerike Police District to news bureau NTB. "It'll be interesting, when we detonate it, to see just how much explosive is in the bomb," adds Danielson.

Pettersen was remodelling his garden with more soil when he found the bomb. "We got some earth from a few hundred metres away. After having tipped it from the dumper truck we discovered a cylinder. When my neighbour carried it behind the garage, he got white phosphorous liquid which smoked on his fingers. Fortunately, he washed it off right away.

White phosphorous warheads are used to start fires, make smoke screens and attack personnel.

Kjeller was a target during World War Two because of its military airfield and German headquarters.

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Sven Goll

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