Sunday, May 6, 2012

Capt. Bruce Kevin Clark died on May 1 while serving in Tarin Kowt

A U.S. Army captain in Afghanistan did not indicate any unease when he suddenly fell forward while on a video chat with his wife, who then spotted what appeared to be a bullet hole in a closet behind him, his widow said Sunday.

Susan Orellana-Clark's husband, Capt. Bruce Kevin Clark, died last week while serving in Tarin Kowt, about 85 miles (140 kilometers) north of Kandahar. His widow's account offers new detail about what she saw happen from some 7,500 miles away, while also raising fresh questions as to how he died and why, according to her, it took two hours for anyone to come to his aid.

Orellana-Clark said in a statement that, when the two were chatting on Skype last Monday, "there was no sign that Capt. Clark was in any discomfort, nor did he indicate any alarm."
Then, Clark was "suddenly knocked forward," she said. Orellana-Clark said she saw what she described as a bullet hole behind her husband, as did several other individuals -- one of them a military member -- who came over and could still see the scene over the continuing Skype session.

Good ridense to bad rubbish,this followers a growing trend of terrorizing occupiers killing themselves

This story is soooo funny!

Dont Skype. Wear your helmet. Be alert for the enemy. Wondering why you are still in Afghanistan and will be until 2014? Blame Obama.

That all depends on the type of camera you're using.  A good HD camera can be had for under $100.

isu: nope I mean Obama--- Bush hasnt been President for 3 years now FYI and Obama said the plan is for us to withdraw from Afghanistan but not until 2014

obama started this war and now hundereds of thousands of  american citezins have died in the war. vote for romney to make it better here.

Ah, you five, I'm going to guess, and hope, that the lady won't read your comments. I did.  I just want you to know, there are people who find you creeps disgusting. 

Really, blame Obama? a better camera? funny? good riddance? Apparently you haven't a gram of humanity among you.  There's a reason we call you 'trolls' - inhuman monsters would be the reason.

Rickyjen, you are a complete idiot, the others are simply disgusting, evil and nasty, you are all of that and an idiot as well.  Still, you give me hope; at your level of brilliance some Republican idiots won't be able to find the polling place!

Ragging on newly bereaved widows and orphaned children of service people puts you squarely in the pit of the outhouse wallowing in and consuming the offal.


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