Monday, February 4, 2008

Alberta UFO buffs say extraterrestrials are controlling our minds

Are UFOs using mind control? Alberta oil sands said to be part of plot

By Armando Duke

(AXcess News) Houston - UFO sightings in Canada are on the rise and so are the number of organizations springing up, especially in Alberta where the vast oil sands deposits are said to be led by extraterrestrial forces who are using mind control to manipulate Canadians into thinking its ok to develop those resources.

Calling it an "an apparent manipulative extraterrestrial virtual reality illusion" (there's a mouthful), a story in Canada's socialist newspaper, The Canadian, which recently launched as a 'socially progressive and cross-cultural' publication, absurdly published this story about UFO mind control that thumbs its nose at the Harper government for permitting what it called "an inorganic cyborg-like "artificial intelligence" that has sought to use its 'mechanical consciousness' to warp the quality-of-survival instincts of humanity."

The writer of this dribble builds his case around a book written by Dr. John Lash, who bases his claim of extraterrestrial mind control around Gnosticsm, which pre-dates Christianity. Basically, Gnostics were "people who knew", and their knowledge at once constituted them a superior class of beings. Lash attempts to interpret that into meaning extraterrestrials are controlling our minds - as 'those who know and are superior' the writer implies - are little green men from Mars who somehow are manipulating the whole of Canada and its government into thinking the Alberta oil sands' development won't harm what the writer of the National Canada story calls a "forested area, consisting of vibrant ecosystems of trees, streams teeming of fish, and land-bound wildlife like rare birds."

Scene from oil sands region of Alberta CanadaI should point out that he has a beautiful photo of tree-filled mountains as the backdrop of a river flowing by. Obviously, the writer's never been to the Alberta oil sands north of the Ft. McMurray area which looks more like a moonscape scene of scrub-brush-covered wasteland that even Moose won't trudge over, as shown here.

But the premise that UFO sightings are prevalent over Alberta and on the increase is of interest to this journalist. Perhaps the area reminds extraterrestrials of home, who knows, only the number UFO sightings in the area is on the rise - but that might be attributed to a sharp increase in population since the oil sands boom began. Housing in Ft. McMurray is at a premium because of it and with more people flooding into the area, chances are they're going to be witnessing more strange events and lights in the night skies over Alberta.

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Apparently our neighbors to the North don't know about tinfoil hats!

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